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Fire & Water Damage Restoration in Kankakee, IL

Kankakee, IL is the seat of the county of the same name. The Kankakee River runs directly through the city, and, at 133 miles long, is defined as a major landmark and attraction to the area. The river provides many economic benefits to the town, but things can quickly turn sour during periods of flooding. When things go awry, you only need to contact ServiceMaster DSI for fire and water damage restoration in Kankakee, IL.

Branch Manager Wes Andrews can be ready at a moment’s notice to respond to your fire or water damage emergency. Backed by local resources, as well as the widespread resources of the entire ServiceMaster DSI network, we can ensure proper, efficient, and excellent restoration services for your home or business.

When disaster strikes, it’s difficult to remain calm. Take comfort in that we provide emergency services and can often be onsite within 3 hours. When you are in need of fire restoration or water damage restoration in Kankakee, contact ServiceMaster DSI.

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