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Computer & Electronics Restoration in Chicago

Fire and water don't just damage the structure of your home, but also the valuable items inside your home. Computers and electronics are among the most valuable possessions in many households, and they're especially susceptible to fire and water damage. If you need a computer, phone, TV, tablet, or any other electronic item restored in Chicago, contact ServiceMaster DSI today!

Not only do electronics cost a lot to replace, but they also contain valuable documents that might not be replaceable at all. Family photos, music libraries, and financial documents are all at risk when your electronics are damaged by fire or water. Luckily, the restoration experts at ServiceMaster DSI have the best equipment and restoration methods to repair damaged electronics and recover important files.

Along with computer and electronic equipment restoration services, ServiceMaster DSI also provides emergency packing, moving, and storage services for electronics. Our storage units provide a safe, climate-controlled, and easily-accessible place to keep your valuable electronic equipment.

To get started, contact ServiceMaster DSI at 773-770-4512 or fill out a service request online.