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temporary power and climate control chicago il, portable generators.

Temporary Power and Climate Control

Fire, water and catastrophic events can disrupt electric power and HVAC systems. Without power your business is shut down. Without heat in winter your home’s pipes can freeze.

Temporary Power and Climate Control Services:

  • Portable Generators, 5 kilowatt to 1 megawatt
  • Temporary Power Feed from live pole or transformer when available
  • Temporary Indoor Lighting and Outlets
  • Temporary Air Conditioners, 1 to 90 ton
  • Temporary Heat up to 4,500,000 btu

Choose ServiceMaster Clean Power and Climate Control Services from ServiceMaster DSI by calling us at 800-954-9444, or for non-emergency inquiries by email at info@smdsi.com, and discover true “Peace of Mind.”