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Emergency Dry Cleaning & Textile Restoration Services in Chicago

Fire and water can damage your house, apartment, store, office, or other commercial building, as well the items inside your home or business. If your clothing has been damaged by fire, water, or smoke, don't assume that it's permanently ruined. At ServiceMaster DSI in Chicago, we provide emergency dry cleaning and clothing restoration services to help recover and repair the most important pieces in your wardrobe.

Clothing can be very expensive, and losing your wardrobe to a fire or flood could cost you thousands of dollars to replace. At a fraction of the cost, ServiceMaster DSI may be able to fully restore the clothes you already own. At our specialized textile restoration facility, we use advanced techniques to dry, clean, and repair clothes and fabrics of all kinds. When you choose ServiceMaster DSI for emergency dry cleaning and clothing restoration, you'll get:

  • Quick turnaround, often in 24 hours
  • Simple pick-up and delivery
  • Storage
  • Deodorization
  • Textile restoration
  • Restoration of leather, suede, and furs
  • And much more

As you deal with restoration for your home or office, let us take care of restoration your damaged clothing. Call us today at 7773-770-4512.