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Trauma Cleanup Services in Downers Grove IL Explained

August 21st, 2018 · No Comments

biohazard cleanup kit

In the aftermath of a traumatic event, you may be left feeling stressed, confused, or in a state of panic. One reasonable reaction to these feelings might be trying to clean your Downers Grove, IL home or business on your own to move forward from the situation.

While this instinct might sound reasonable, working with a professional for trauma cleanup services is always the right answer in these cases.

Trauma cleanup services covers a number of situations, which include but aren’t limited to:

  • Murder, suicide, or assault
  • Accidental death
  • Blood spills
  • Industrial/manufacturing accidents

What if you’re unsure as to whether your situation requires trauma cleanup services? In these cases, it’s always better to err on the side of caution and work with a professional for a number of reasons.

There are certain types of substances that require special equipment to ensure proper cleanup is performed. Even if you were to attempt the cleanup on your own, the equipment you use might not remove the substance altogether, but rather on a surface level only. This can pose health risks if you don’t deal with the substance the right way.

You also won’t know the proper precautions to protect yourself when you’re attempting the cleanup. Depending on the situation, you may be putting yourself into a dangerous situation where you become vulnerable to contamination or other adverse effects.

Then there’s the matter of disposal. All disposable items aren’t created equal. Biohazardous material must be treated differently because of contamination issues.

If you’re dealing with the aftermath of a traumatic situation, you’re probably not going to be of sound mind to deal with the situation at hand effectively regardless of safety, let alone be able to take the time to research proper trauma cleanup protocols.

You need a professional by your side. At ServiceMaster DSI, we combine the meticulous nature of our trauma cleanup services with the sensitivity required to perform the service in a way that respects the emotions of people dealing with the situation.

If you’re a Downers Grove, IL resident and have a trauma cleanup situation to deal with, we’re in your corner. Just pick up the phone and call us as soon as possible at (630) 974-5531.

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Extend Your Carpets’ Lifespan With Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Downers Grove, IL

August 10th, 2018 · No Comments

carpet cleaning servicesJust as you change the oil and wash your car regularly, have a yearly physical exam to keep yourself healthy, and eat and exercise in hopes of lengthening your life, carpets, too, must be cleaned and given a little TLC to extend their life and your investment, particularly if you have had water, smoke, and fire damage. In Downers Grove, IL, carpet cleaning services are available through ServiceMaster DSI to lengthen the life of your carpets.


 The top 8 ways to extend the life of your carpets are:


  1. Vacuum regularly. Unless your room is shut off and there is no activity or traffic, your carpets should be vacuumed regularly. Don’t wait until several weeks have passed only to discover that dirt and grime have been ground into the carpet fibers.
  2. Use outdoor mats. Make every effort to wipe your feet before entering your home or office to keep excess dirt, mud, and grime outside.
  3. Rugs and indoor mats. Outdoor mats, indoor mats, and rugs help immensely to keep the dirt at the door. Invest in rugs and save on your carpet investment.
  4. Clean up spills immediately. If little Johnny just dumped his entire glass of juice or your guests spilled a glass of wine, clean it up immediately by soaking up the liquid, then diluting with water to reduce the concentration that goes deep into the fibers.
  5. Keep your shoes at the door. Get in the habit of removing your shoes upon entering your home instead of tracking in dirt and moisture, particularly if you’re gardening or working in the yard.
  6. Clean up Quickly After Pets. While you love your pets, they pose an extra threat to your carpets. From accidents and scratching to shedding and tracking in debris, your carpets can endure a lot from your pets. However, if you clean up after them quickly and use special vacuum attachments to pick up pet fur and dander, you can extend the lifespane of your carpets.
  7. Use special cleaning tools. If vacuuming every day just isn’t your thing, check out different options for cleaning tools such as a programmable robotic vacuum that does the work for you while you’re away.
  8. Deep clean regularly. Just as a car needs to be deep cleaned regularly to extend its life, so do carpets. Do the research on professional carpet cleaning companies and make sure they’re knowledgeable about the cleaning process, so your carpets are left looking and smelling new. Schedule a deep carpet cleaning at least once per year.


So, if you’ve made a huge investment with carpets in your home or office, do your best to take care of them and lengthen their life. Follow a few simple steps and use professional carpet cleaning services such as those from ServiceMaster DSI in Downers Grove, IL. Our trained, knowledgeable, and professional staff take pride in our services and make certain that your carpet is properly cleaned and cared for every single time. Contact us today by calling (630) 974-5531 or visit us here. Lengthen the life of your carpet with carpet cleaning services from ServiceMaster DSI.

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4 Tips to Prevent Needing Fire Damage Restoration at Your Aurora, IL Office Building

August 8th, 2018 · No Comments

lit stove burners

If you’re a business owner who owns an office building in Aurora, IL, you have many items to keep an eye on.

One of these items is employee safety. Safety measures are often put on the back burner. Perhaps employees receive safety instructions on their first day, but they either receive them infrequently or never again after the first time.

The fact most businesses don’t cover safety measures isn’t much of a problem…until it becomes one.

Office fires happen regularly and often as a result of situations that could’ve been avoided if there were precautions put in place.

Today, we’re going to share some office safety tips to prevent the need for fire damage restoration.

  1. Monitor the meals – Often, employees will leave the area while their food is cooking. If the appliances are faulty or an item was left unattended, that could cause a fire that results in damage. As a rule, have employees attend to their meals while making them.
  2. Keep an eye on the electronics – In an office setting there can be many electrical cords and outlet strips throughout the building. It’s important to make sure these cords aren’t worn, frayed, or compromised in any way because exposed cords can lead to fires and, subsequently, the need for fire damage restoration.
  3.  Keep appliances in tip-top shape – Did you know that fires can occur due to something as simple as built-up food in an appliance? That’s why it’s important to make sure appliances are not only up to date but clean as well. Something as simple as scheduling a maintenance check and thorough appliance cleaning on a regular basis can prevent a major catastrophe.
  4. Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail – You must have a fire safety plan in place. All employees must know where they can exit, what steps should be taken during a fire, and how to use a fire extinguisher to help contain small fires and prevent the need for major fire damage restoration.

A great working environment has healthy and happy employees. Use these tips to help make your workplace a wonderful environment. If the unexpected does occur and you’re in need of fire damage restoration in Aurora, IL, please contact us immediately at (773) 770-4512.


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Disaster Restoration Services Make for Quick and Easy Cleanup After a Tornado in Naperville, IL,

August 1st, 2018 · No Comments

disaster restorationBlizzards, severe thunderstorms, hot and humid days, and tornadoes are all familiar parts of the Upper Midwest’s four seasons. Most of the time, weather in this region is great; however, we’re not immune to natural disasters. In fact, we’re particularly famous for tornadoes. These incredible wind storms can appear and disappear suddenly, causing serious damage in only a few minutes. After the tornado has dissipated, the danger isn’t over. Learn how to stay safe after a tornado has hit your Naperville, IL, home with these tips from the disaster restoration experts at ServiceMaster DSI.


  1. Don’t enter the home until it’s safe. Whether your home has been toppled or only suffered some wind damage, you should never reenter a damaged home until it has been deemed safe by authorities. Your home could have suffered structural damage that isn’t immediately visible, putting it at risk for collapse.
  2. Use the right safety gear. When you do enter your home, equip yourself with the right safety gear, including a hard hat, waterproof boots, heavy work gloves, a face mask, and goggles. This will protect you from debris, standing water, and pollutants in the air.
  3. Watch for sewage. If sewage has found its way into your home, stay away from it! Sewage is hazardous to your health and should only be cleaned by trained disaster restoration professionals.
  4. Get assistance when moving heavy objects. Whether it’s furniture or debris, don’t try to move it yourself. Contact the disaster restoration professionals at ServiceMaster DSI for debris cleanup and pack out services. We’ll remove any debris from your property and pack out and store your belongings in a secure offsite location while we restore your home.
  5. Use battery powered equipment. A lot of work needs to be done after a tornado strikes. From removing debris to fixing damage, heavy equipment may be needed. However, a tornado can damage powerlines, leading to injury or accidents when you try to plug in your power tools. Instead, only use battery powered equipment.
  6. Act quickly to prevent mold growth. Tornadoes can bring heavy rains, allowing moisture to find its way into your home. If not treated, mold can begin to grow, putting your health at risk. To prevent mold growth, contact the disaster restoration professionals quickly to treat any water damage. Has mold already begun to grow? We can treat that too!


Disaster restoration is much more complex than it appears on the surface. If done incorrectly, it can even cause more damage to your home. Don’t put your home at risk; contact the disaster restoration professionals at ServiceMaster DSI today. We’ll arrive at your Naperville, IL, home quickly to begin work, getting your home back to normal faster. Our knowledgeable and professional technicians have the proper training, equipment, and products so you can rest assured that only the best is being done for the safety of you and your family. Contact us for immediate assistance at (773) 770-4512 or visit us here for more information.


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Approaching a Hoarding Situation: How to Help Your Loved One With Hoarding Cleanup in Chicago, IL

July 31st, 2018 · No Comments

home clutter

When you think of hoarding, you may think of television shows featuring junk-filled homes, not your own family. However, it happens more often than not that family members find that someone they know and love is suffering from this mental condition. A hoarder needs physical help with cleaning up their home as well as mental assistance to find out why they’re hoarding. When you find that a family member is a hoarder, seek hoarding cleanup assistance in Chicago, IL to start the process of getting your loved one on the right path to recovery.

Talking to Your Loved One

Most hoarders will keep their situation a secret until it comes out. You may find that your family member doesn’t want any company and meets you at your home instead of inviting you over. This type of behavior is to hide what they’re doing. Hoarders act differently based on their mental condition and what is causing them to hoard. In most situations, the problem is trauma based. The individual has suffered a trauma that has led to holding on to every little possession or not cleaning up properly which leads to junk and clutter in the home.

When you find that your family member is a hoarder, it’s time to consider our hoarding cleanup services in Chicago. With our help, your loved one will feel comfortable letting go of the clutter in their home and find the help needed to move past the mental block that is causing the hoard to take place.

The Cleanup Process

With our hoarding cleanup service, your family member’s Chicago, IL home will be cleaned but in a certain manner. We can’t just come in and start moving stuff out. It’s important to let the hoarder feel in control of the process. By talking about feelings and thoughts during the cleaning process, your family member can work out why they’re hoarding and find new ways to cope with the issues they’re facing.

With our help, your loved one can see progress. By contacting our office, we can provide you with more information about how we go about a hoarding situation. Contact ServiceMaster DSI at (773) 770-4512 to learn more today.

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Steps for Cleaning Mold from Leather Goods and Painted Surfaces in Alsip, IL

July 24th, 2018 · No Comments

cleaning mold

Mold growth in your Alsip, IL, home isn’t just unsightly, but it’s also harmful as it starts damaging the surfaces it grows upon. If you discover or suspect mold growth in your home, it’s time to call the professionals at ServiceMaster DSI for help cleaning mold. We will ensure the mold is removed and doesn’t grow back.


Today we’re going to look at how we go about cleaning mold from different materials in your home!


Leather Goods

First of all, our mold removal professionals will test for the colorfastness of the leather goods. The leather items will then be wiped using a cloth that is soaked in a diluted alcohol solution.


Items will then be left to dry in a place where there is proper air circulation. If mildew remains, the leather goods will be washed using a mild detergent or soap, wiped using a damp cloth, and left to dry.


Wooden Furniture

A vacuum cleaner will be utilized to remove the mold. The furniture will then be cleaned using a cloth moistened in a solution containing water and mild detergent. Cleanup work will be performed over a small area of the furniture, and the area will be thoroughly dried before moving onto the next area.


If a white film develops after the cleaning is completed, it signifies there is a wax buildup. The wax layer will be removed with the help of a furniture cleaner, and then paste wax will be reapplied.


Plaster or Paint

Plaster or paint will have to be scrubbed using a solution consisting of household bleach and water. After scrubbing, the surface will be rinsed with clean water and then allowed to completely dry.


After the cleanup procedure is completed, the repapering or repainting task will be performed. A mildew resistant wallpaper paste will be utilized when wallpaper replacement is required.


Wooden Walls

Such walls will be scrubbed using a mixture containing water and washing soda. The walls will then be rinsed using clean water and allowed to dry. If mold reappears after cleaning, a solution of trisodium phosphate (four to six tablespoons) and household ammonia (two tablespoons) in one gallon of water will be used.


If your home has been affected by a mold problem and you’re looking for an experienced firm to take over the task of mold cleanup, please give us a call.


The experts at ServiceMaster DSI have the required equipment, cleaning solutions, and technical know-how to perform mold remediation in the best possible manner per the strictest of industry standards.


Our technicians go beyond cleaning mold and can also repair the underlying water damage which may be causing the mold problem. Just give us a call at (773)-770-4512. Our mold removal experts will reach your home in Alsip, IL, and begin mold mitigation immediately.

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Recover from Work Accidents with Trauma Cleanup in Lake Zurich, IL

July 19th, 2018 · No Comments

hard hat on the floor

As a manager, you’re in charge of handling many aspects of the business. You complete the weekly work schedule, stay on top of projects, and ensure employees do their jobs. In an industrial setting, you’re also in charge of dealing with accidents in the workplace. Industrial work can be very dangerous, and it’s not uncommon for employees to be injured on the job. In some instances, even death can occur. New managers in this field of work often find themselves at a loss as to what to do when an employee is injured. At ServiceMaster DSI, we offer trauma cleanup in Lake Zurich, IL to take care of the cleaning needs after an accident has occurred.

 Why Professional Cleanup is Needed

You may be wondering why professional assistance is needed when it comes to cleaning up an accident site in the workplace. When an employee is injured, the cleanup process required will be based on the type of injury. In the industrial field, employees can become severely injured which necessitates the need for biohazard cleanup. With our trauma cleanup services in Lake Zurich, IL, we take care of the cleaning for you.

As the manager, you need to handle the well-being of the injured party as well as the emotional state of your other employees. While you take care of the people you work with, we take care of the cleaning process.

In accidents involving trauma, there will be biohazardous materials on-site that must be cleaned and disposed of properly. This isn’t a task that your employees are ready to do and most likely, they’ll be upset at the accident they just witnessed involving their co-worker. Our trauma cleanup experts can arrive at your Lake Zurich, IL business and take care of the cleaning needs with ease. Our techs are geared up to handle any situation with the right tools and cleaning agents to tackle any trauma situation.

When your workplace is subject to an accident, have our cleaning specialists provide the service you need to create a clean and sterile work environment. We can be reached at (847) 852-7106, ready to schedule an appointment for service or to provide you with more information.

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Natural Disaster Restoration Services in Chicago, IL Can be Handled Quickly and Efficiently With ServiceMaster DSI

July 17th, 2018 · No Comments

disaster restoration

Severe thunderstorms, flooding, and devastating fires are all-natural disasters which, if severe enough, may require storm damage repair, water damage restoration, fire and smoke damage restoration. Fortunately, ServiceMaster DSI provides these services and more to help you get things cleaned up so you can move on with your life. Natural disaster restoration services in Chicago, IL can be handled quickly and efficiently with professional help from ServiceMaster DSI.


These devastating disasters can leave you feeling overwhelmed and helpless. Time is of the essence in determining if your home, building, or belongings can be restored and salvaged.


  1. Water damage If you’ve been hit hard with flooding, broken pipes, or other water damage to your home, water mitigation and removal services and water damage restoration are imperative and should be initiated immediately. If restoration isn’t started quickly, the damage can actually become worse, and even result in mold growth.
  2. Fire damage When the flames, smoke, and soot of a fire damages your home and belongings, you’re left with a phenomenal mess. Fire damage restoration services help make the process easier and less burdensome to you and your family. Our professionals are trained in treating not only the flame damage, but also the lesser thought of smoke and soot damage.


When Mother Nature, fires, accidents, or vandalism find their way to your Chicago, IL property, stress no more. Contact the professionals at ServiceMaster DSI for all your disaster restoration services. ServiceMaster DSI sets itself apart from other disaster restoration services because we respond to emergency services at any hour of any day, any time of the year. At ServiceMaster DSI, we know every minute counts when you’re dealing with disasters in your home or business. That’s why we stand available to do what we do best—disaster restoration services. Contact us today by calling (773) 770-4512 or visit us here.

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Prepare Rental Properties With Carpet Cleaning in Naperville, IL

July 13th, 2018 · No Comments

carpet cleaningWhen it comes to rental properties, having tenants is the key to success. As a rental property owner, you take great pride in offering a quality apartment or home for tenants. When tenants move out, you must market the property to find new renters. After a tenant leaves a rental, it’s important to prepare the property to appeal to new tenants. With carpet cleaning in Naperville, IL, your property will look it’s very best, ready to bring in potential tenants.

Carpet Cleaning Services

If you have rental properties that have carpeting, they need regular cleaning. You may find that after tenants move out, the carpeting isn’t in the best shape. Over time, carpeting will take on dirt and grime, from the soles of shoes as well as from spills of food and drink. Dirt can settle deep within the carpet fibers, creating a dingy appearance, making the carpet feel old.

With our carpet cleaning in Naperville, IL services, your carpeting will be refreshed, which will then entice potential tenants. When carpeting appears dingy and dirty, it turns off tenants. Renters don’t want to live in a space that they feel hasn’t been taken care of. By scheduling our cleaning services, you take care of any dirt and grime, providing a fresh space that potential tenants can view and be interested in.

Schedule Regular Cleanings

Whether you’re trying to find new tenants or already have several properties that tenants vacate, it’s important to schedule regular carpet cleaning in Naperville, IL. With our services, the carpeting of your properties will stay in excellent shape. This will help you to avoid installing new carpeting, which can be a hefty expense. With regular cleaning, the carpet fibers stay in good shape, which helps to create an overall quality visual appeal.

If you’re a rental property owner, contact our office today to see how we can be of assistance. Learn more about our carpet service options and schedule an appointment for a cleaning. Our experts are ready to assist you. Contact us today via telephone at (773) 770-4512. We look forward to serving you.

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Cleaning Carpets After a Disaster Can be Tricky— Find Expert Help in Lake Zurich, IL

July 5th, 2018 · No Comments

cleaning carpetsLife is unpredictable and disasters strike when least expected. If you own a home or business in Lake Zurich, IL, you know that disasters, accidents, and emergencies can happen at any time. Arriving home or at work to find a burst pipe, fire, or flooding has ruined your carpets and building is devastating. However, not all hope is lost. The disaster restoration experts at ServiceMaster DSI are also pros at cleaning carpets that have been severely damaged.


While expert assistance is needed for cleaning carpets after a disaster, there are steps you can take to lessen the damage.


  1. Act quickly. If water enters your home or business, act quickly. If the water is from a burst or leaking pipe, turn off the water. If it’s from a natural flood, evacuate and call for help.
  2. Remove undamaged items. Whether your carpets have been affected by a flood, fire, or sewage backup, act quickly and remove undamaged items from the property. This will help to avoid further damage. However, only enter the building if it has been declared safe by authorities.
  3. Assess the damage. You benefit most if you contact your insurance agent as soon as possible to assess the damage to your carpets or property. If they’re unable to meet with you promptly, take pictures and document belongings that have been damaged.
  4. Contact a professional carpet cleaning service. Cleaning carpets after a disaster should only be handled by professionals. Contact ServiceMaster DSI to clean and restore your carpets to their pre-loss condition. We have industrial-grade cleaners and equipment to tackle even the most severe disaster scenarios.
  5. Test for mold or other airborne germs. It’s important to have your home or property tested for mold or other air-borne germs that are circulating after water damage or a fire. Mold and germs can become health hazards if not detected and treated.


When you find your carpets have been affected by a disaster and you need carpet cleaning services, contact ServiceMaster DSI of Lake Zurich, IL. Our trained, knowledgeable, and professional staff understand how devasting such events can be to you, and that’s why we stand available 24/7/365 to help you get your floors, home, and lives back to normal. Cleaning carpets after a disastrous event can be tricky. Contact us today by calling (847) 852-7106 or visit us here.

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